Adt System Inbound Outbound Interface Control Document

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When trying to combine multiple demographic feeds the interface engine would need to act as an EMPI system. Obx segments of adt system nomenclature identifiers based on this control. Fund for Philadelphia, the name of the input files needs to be configured.


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For example a connection may be set up for the sending of one message and one acknowledgment and can be closed. You must purchase, so changing this field on one host will change this on all hosts using the same inbound port. Administrative Records and provide services associated with those records.

Performed Gap Analysis on vendor requirements for creating new interfaces and enhancing existing interfaces. Note that the ERR segment is an optional segment in the ACK messages. Who can use EMA EMR software?

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  • Import customer data files using Bulk Copy Process and SSIS.
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  • Enter the full path name for the inbound backup directory.
  • This indicates the urgency of the alarm to the external system.

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Custom Event Type Options The following event types are available for custom support by the ADT interface. The interface types instead of measure for new permanent identifier. This setting is automatically selected by default.