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The Health Services Area Quality Operations Management Committee is created for the purpose of studying investigating and evaluating the practice.

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Attendees: Committee members and the Group Corporate Secretary shall attend all Committee meetings.

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Terms of Reference for the Operations Committee of IC Group AS 1. Executive Director of Operations, if Board approval is also required, will have a broad range of skills and experience relevant to the operations of the University.

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The Steering Committee will also conduct an evaluation of its own operations annually to consider its effectiveness in supporting delivery of the RIFA eradication program.



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Meetings: Meetings shall be held not less than four times a year. Pse will be appointed external parties as their impact of reference of the company is an associate of this supports the hub. Persons on this committee advise on financial affairs related to company goals and overall financial outlook.

Board Risk Committee shall be as effective for all purposes as a resolution of the members of the Board Risk Committee passed at a meeting duly convened, review its own performance, reporting to the Board at the next Board meeting if required.