Do it yourself graphic design for pharmacists; a guide to basic principles of graphic design

Hello Pharmacists this article is for you and it is about introducing you to a do it yourself graphic design for pharmacists and other professionals. It is designed such that you can learn at your pace without paying heavily for boot camps or even hiring a tutor to put you through.

But this is not even just for pharmacists, it is even for everyone who is poised to get liberated from ignorance and get duly integrated into the world of technology. The world like they say is a global village and one cannot afford to exist in oblivion.

So, why graphic design for pharmacists?

Businesses require the services of a graphic designer very often to create effective marketing materials which can range from posters to leaflets or banners. As pharmacy involves the business of keeping the public informed and updated, the importance of graphics cannot therefore be overemphasized.

Sadly, most pharmacists upon graduation don’t really have a good hold on these areas. I mean after cramming chemical structures, where will one see the strength to start imbibing the principles of graphic design?

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Be that as it may, being able to deal with those chemical structures and mechanisms successfully in pharmacy school can further help one in this do it yourself graphic design for pharmacists. You will appreciate this as we go on..

The Purpose of Graphic designing

According to Velocity Consultancy the main purpose of graphic design is to communicate. Primarily graphic design is visual communication; it uses typography, images and colours to represent certain ideas or messages.

The purpose of graphic design is so diverse, but for context let’s mention a few

1. Laying foundation for Branding strategy:

The basic purpose for graphic design is to lay a strong foundation for the branding strategy. Designs are made in such ways that audience can easily identify and associate it with a particular brand.

The strategy includes printing marketing material like posters, business cards, banners etc. and designing of websites, mobile apps, social media pages etc.

2. Beautifying

We all know humans are not only practical in nature but are emotional; most people are visually driven by beauty. The purpose of graphic design therefore entails beautifying the advertising or promotional material and making it look attractive and stylish.

It is very important to attract the consumers’ attention and make them think positively about the products and the brand. Having a positive image can be highly beneficial in these times of intense competition.

3. Enhance User Experience

This is where pharmacists fail it the more. Most people use dull and shabbily designed images to make posts on social media, end effect of which is a bad user experience and decreased engagements.

People do not normally have the patience for long uninteresting posts about pharmacology of drug and as such a good image to illustrate some of these points can further increase engagement and even generate sales.

Why is Graphic design important for pharmaceutical business?

Later on this post, we will all come to agree that a basic knowledge of graphic design is important for every pharmacist irrespective of the field you want to practice as a pharmacist. Meanwhile, below are a few reasons why graphics design is important for pharmaceutical businesses

1. Professional image

The use of common logos, images and graphics in your marketing materials, website and on social media pages can help in creating consistency and uniformity.

Well planned and executed graphic design offers visual consistency all through the marketing efforts, which helps in building company’s identity and improve its brand recognition.

This consistency and uniformity project a professional image of your business to the target audience.

2. Positive first impression

The quality of graphics you use especially on social media determines how your business is viewed by prospective customers. If you have an uninteresting or difficult to understand designs, the viewers may look away and show no interest in your brand or business.

On the other hand, if you have an interesting and unique design people will be attracted towards it and are more likely to remember it. This can help create a positive first impression in the minds of the public and potential consumers.

3. Building Trust and Goodwill

As earlier suggested graphic design helps to create a professional brand image. This professional image helps in building trust and credibility in the minds of the consumers. Building trust helps in convincing the buyers about the quality of the products or services offered.

Companies who have been able to build strong goodwill over the years are the ones which are able to thrive in the longer run. Good graphic design is useful in creating effective communication which can help enhance trust and credibility.

How then can a you as a novice start your journey as a graphics designer? Well, the first step is to set a target for yourself. Do you want to be a professional or just a casual designer? Do you want certifications to back up your knowledge?

Well, if you want certificates then you may want to take courses on Udemy or Coursera. But if not, then YouTube is there for you. Luckily exactly same courses you can find on Udemy and the likes are still on YouTube by even the same instructors. The only difference is that while you can get a certificate for doing the course on Udemy, you will not get any for doing it on YouTube.

Do it yourself graphic design for Pharmacists.

We have thoughtfully put down a step by step do it yourself graphic design for pharmacists. The aim is to help someone who has no basic knowledge of graphic design to get started. Carefully look through the steps and state learning.

1. Learn to use Canva.

Canva was launched in 2013. It is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. It has over 15 million active users and over 1 Billion designs created.

The beauty of Canva is that it already has the samples of the designs that you want, such that all you just need to do is to click on your choice design, make adjustments, add your own texts or logos and that’s it; you have your own quality graphics.

Another good thing about Canva is that most of the designs are available for free. But if you want to, there are paid and advanced offers that Canva offers which you can tap into and make even better designs for your business or brand.

There are tutorial videos on how to use Canva. You can find them on Canva upon signing up and on YouTube as well. You can make use of them to navigate yourself through the website. Canva is user friendly and mainly beneficial to newbies in graphic design. It is a good way to start your journey. CLICK HERE to get started with Canva.

2. Adobe creative suite

If you’re serious about pursuing graphic design professionally, the this it for you. Adobe Creative Suite contains much of the standard software you’ll use as a graphic designer.

Adobe creative suite includes Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. These are separate programs with similar interface. They might take a little extra time to learn, but if you want to make designs like a professional, then it’ll be a worthy investment.

Luckily, there are courses for this both on YouTube and Udemy. The courses you will see on YouTube are essentially what you will see on Udemy and other similar sites for learning, the only difference is that you get a certificate from one and you don’t get from the other.

Therefore, go for Udemy courses if you want a certificate to boost your CV or simply go to YouTube and learn if you just aspire to be a professional in graphic design.

To install Adobe creative suite you don’t need to stress yourself much. For example if you reside in Lagos and you take a trip to computer village, those guys there will install the latest versions of both Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and even more for a paltry sum of about 1000 naira. Your only job will then be learning how to use them.

If you don’t reside in Lagos, places that are computer-village-like in your area can still get the job done for you at maybe even cheaper rate. At the end, all you may just need is to apply the energy you used in learning pharmaceutical chemistry structures into graphic design and that’s it.

Summarily, it’s our hope that you have received some clarity and inspiration on a step by step approach to a do it yourself graphic design for pharmacists and for everyone at large. Shalom

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