Pharm Vivian atuanya on world Pharmacists day

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated on September 25. The day, as the name suggests, is to encourage and promote activities that advocate the role of a pharmacist in improving health care across the world. It is well known that pharmacists across the world help people get the best from their medicines. It is also an established fact that Pharmacists are the most accessible and most trustworthy health professionals all over the world


The theme of the day this year is ‘Transforming global health’. On the occasion, Dominique Jordan, president of the International Pharmaceutical Federation said, “We aim to show how pharmacists contribute to a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health technologies, as well as from pharmaceutical care services.”


The reason why September 25 was chosen as world Pharmacists day is because it is on this date that the International Pharmaceutical Federation was established in 1912. The day came into existence at the International Pharmaceutical Federation Council 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey.


In Nigeria, Pharmacy practice is taking a better shape. With the approval of the consultancy cadre for Pharmacists in federal civil service, attention has been thus created on the clinical roles of the Pharmacist. Hence, World Pharmacists day for the year 2020 was widely celebrated


Our correspondence was drawn across major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pharmacists and associate Pharmacists gracefully flaunted themselves and all they do to help their community. It was a nice outing for Nigerian Pharmacists and a major promotion for the Pharmacy profession


Our first attention on the World Pharmacists day was drawn to a post made by Ajulu Elvis Onyishi. He wrote…
Ajulu Elvis Onyishi On World Pharmacists day

Ajulu Elvis Onyishi on World Pharmacists day


When I decided to study pharmacy, it was for a few reasons including,

  1. To have money
  2. Help my parents, loved ones and anyone I come in contact with make better drug choices.
  3. Escape taking horrible drugs like b complex each time I treated Malaria
  4. To be very rich.
  5. Lend a hand in reducing the burden of hypertension and stroke in Nigeria.

Notice that 1 and 4 look like they are the same? Well, they are not, in fact they are terribly different.

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It took just a few days after graduation to realize that they lied to us while growing up when they painted a picture of the health profession as a place money was flowing effortlessly..

Nevertheless, it’s never a regret being in this profession. Just like most potent drugs, the desired effects surpasses the side effects

Well, Today is #WorldPharmacistsDay please send me money for cat fish and if you like Gulder. It’s not every time you will be looking for free advice on which drug to take and how to take them. Find us something abeg 🙄

Omale Ojonugwa Elizabeth wrote
Pharm Elizabeth Omale Ojonugwa on World Pharmacists day

Pharm. Elizabeth Omale Ojonugwa on World Pharmacists day

It’s world Pharmacists day and the theme for this year is ‘transforming global health’. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without drugs? As in imagine being diagnosed of an illness and there are no drugs to treat it?

Pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers. When you’re sick please do not self -medicate. We are here to give you any drug information you need. A drug can become a poison when used wrongly.

We are here to meet your potential and actual drug needs. Appreciate a Pharmacist today and ask for their account Numbers.


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Meanwhile, Okoli Muna Francis the chief Intern Pharmacist at Nnamdi Azikiwe University teaching hospital in Nnewi Anambra state of Nigeria, took the World Pharmacists day celebration to another level and impacted on over 1000 persons.
Okoli Muna Francis on World Pharmacists day

Okoli Muna Francis and Pharmacists at Nnamdi Azikiwe University teaching hospital

He shared on his wall;

Deworming of 240 patients

Sharing of Sanitizers to members of the health care team

Provision of 1 week supply of Daravite Forte (Multivitamin) to 70 IHV patients

Sharing of instant zobo to over 300 patients

Special thank to Pharm. Edueze, Pharm Chinedu of Elbe pharmacy, Pharm Okose Emmanuel, Pharm. Ozioma Ezeofor for the support.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a bow for 2020/2021 Pharmacy interns of Nnamdi Azikiwe University teaching hospital, Nnewi ably led my me.

Pharmacy is a noble profession. As your Pharmacist, we make you healthy by the works of our hands.

Happy World Pharmacists day.

I am Pharm. Okoli Munachiso Francis

Chief Intern. Pharmacist, 2020/2021 NAUTH Intern Pharmacist.


Chritian Kristen Wrote


Know a Pharmacist

Date a Pharmacist

Marry a Pharmacist

Know someone that knows a Pharmacist

Be close to a Pharmacist

Be a Pharmacist

Your Pharmacist puts you first and considers the best for you

They work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to promote your health, Prevent diseases and modify your medicines such that drug therapy regimens are safe and effective for you…

It’s not easy to formulate and know functions of over ten thousand drugs, It’s interaction with other drugs, foods etc, paying attention to the dosage and dosing of each and when to adjust, not forgetting the mechanism of actions of each class and which illness it goes for..

Imemme dah!!

So Pamper a Pharmacist today, take him/her out, appreciate and make him feel loved! Cos it’s WORLD PHARMACISTS DAY

..And as men of honor, we join hands in TRANSFORMING GLOBAL HEALTH



In all the celebration was loud and sound here in Nigeria. The Pharmacy profession is indeed noble and noble shall it remain.


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