Due to the increasing emergence of unlicensed pharmaceutical premises and fake drugs in Nigeria, it has become important we talk about purchasing drugs from a pharmacy.


First of all, be reminded that not every premises and outlets where drugs are sold is a pharmacy. Purchasing drugs therefore from these outlets is highly not advised.


Hence, below are few tips to guide you when purchasing drugs from a pharmacy, especially in Nigeria;


1. Purchase your drugs from a registered pharmacy outlet. Look out for the “Rx” sign on the signboard of pharmacy.


2. The assurance of a pharmacy is the
presence of a pharmacist. Ask to see
the superintendent pharmacist in
charge of the pharmacy premises.


3. Ask the pharmacist on how to use
your medication. Be sure to ask
the pharmacist about any question
that you may have about the

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4. Ensure your drugs are properly
labelled with the right dose and
duration of use by the pharmacist
not by the sales staff to avoid


5. When you are buying a drug you
are not familiar with or a drug
substitute. Always confirm the authenticity of the drug item from the pharmacist.


6. Be free to discuss your medication
history or problems with the
pharmacist before making a
purchase. Pharmacists are experts
in solving drug therapy problems.


7. Ensure your drugs are properly
packed into cellophane bags.
Liquid and semi solid preparations
for external use must be separately
packed from solid dosage forms like
tablets to avoid contamination.


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